BronchoPhase® Helps Client First Day Of Use


My husband had a very bad cold that went into his chest. He was coughing day and night. We went to the doctors and they gave him a nasal spray. I don’t know what good that did. It sure didn’t stop the coughing. Then I read about BronchoPhase and ImmunoPhase and thought I’d try them. I started my husband on BronchoPhase, and his coughing stopped on the first day after taking the first two capsules! I continued to give him the full-recommended dosage for the next 6 days, and he never had another cough after those first 2 capsules.

I am still amazed that he stopped coughing completely after the first 2 capsules. If his response hadn’t been so dramatic I’d still wonder if the formula was helping, but this product is powerful. I now order ImmunoPhase, based on my experience with BronchoPhase, and I keep both of these formulas on hand in case, God forbid, my husband or I get sick again.



  1. i started using broncho phase, I’m
    allergic to apples, malic acid, pectin anything with apples. Does your formula or binder
    contain any of the above? Pls let me know, Thanks

  2. Dear Rachel,

    Neither the BronchoPhase powder nor the binders or capsules contain any of the ingredients you mentioned that are allergens for you.

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