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    1. I first heard about AllerPhase and ImmunoPhase through my dentist. I bought the products with much speculation and I bought it basically to shut him up. I had the product in my cabinet for about 2 months and I had not taken any of them. I have suffered from seasonal allergies and asthma all of my life. I have taken allergy shots in the past and visit my allergist twice a year. My main allergy problems are associated with Molds and Cedar pollen. I was raking and blowing some wet oak leaves last Saturday. Later Saturday night I could tell that the mold in the leaves were bothering me. I should also mention that the mold count in the area was very high due to the rains we have had over the past several weeks. I got slowly worse Sunday and Monday. By Monday night my nasal passages where completely blocked and I was using a tissue about every minte to blow my nose. I missed work Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday around lunch I was concerned that I was not getting any better and actually felt worse. I had been taking Claritin and Muscinex and Afrin since Tuesday Morning. I remember that I had bought the Allerphase and ImmunoPhase, so I decided to try it. I would have to say that my results are probably not typical. If they were typical you guys would be rich beyond imagination. I took two AllerPhase and two ImmunoPhase and within 4 hours all of my sneezing, post nasal drip, grogginess, and stuffiness was gone. I took two more when I went to bed and another two this morning and I have never felt better. I have struggled with allergies for 42 years and every illness I have ever had associated with allergies has taken 1-2 weeks to get over. Perhaps I had a cold virus or something else that was causing allergic type symptoms and I was getting over the illness before I took your product, I honestly dont know. However, I am sold on Allerphase and ImmunoPhase and plan to start taking during my the seasons were my allergies flare up the most. I hope yoou can post this message on your website for others to see.

    2. I have a “lazy” bladder, i.e., it does not completely empty, resulting in frequent urinary tract infections. Would Flo-Control be of any help for this problem. I have no leakage of urine. I’m currently catheterizing every other night to prevent buildup of urine. Any ideas?

    3. The herbs in FloControl are thought to promote bladder strength and muscle tone, which should help “lazy” bladder. The formula should be very helpful for your bladder health.

    4. do you have any products that will help muscle degeneration? A friend has been diagnosed as having degenerative myelopathy.

    5. Dear Madeleine,

      I do not know of any products for degenerative myelopathy as a cause of muscle degeneration. There are some common foods and spices that may help somewhat. See the following article:
      Degenerative myelopathy is a common condition in dogs, so you may wish to search online for natural solutions that veterinarians use for this disorder in canines that might apply to humans.

    6. I was told at my local health store that Solgar’s Sytrinol is no longer available. This is very disappointing because I have found it very effective at reducing cholesterol levels. Is it available now from any other company ?

    7. I have a cousin that suffers from the autoimmune disorder, Sjogren’s disease. She was recently diagnosed with it and has been using OTC medications to treat the symptoms. She would very much rather use an herbal based remedy or take herbal supplements to control her symptoms. Does PureTango offer anything that would offer relief and inhibit her white blood cells from attacking her own body?

      As a side note, I have to say I’m quite impressed with AllerPhase. I have suffered with severe hay fever and allergies for years in Canada until I moved to California a few years ago. The allergens and pollens are different here than on the east coast so I considered myself pretty much allergy free once I moved. Recently, I adopted a dog which does not shed and is a breed that I have been able to live with in the past, however he has dry skin and his dander has recently caused me to have sneezing fits, puffy eyes and on some occasions I have noticed myself wheezing and have had to use my inhaler. A friend recommended AllerPhase to me and I thought I’d try it out. I ran out of Zyrtec, so I had no choice but to try it! I took a couple capsules before bedtime and woke up with clear sinuses and eyes that were not itchy. And I could breathe.
      I’m continuing to take the AllerPhase until my dog’s dry skin improves and he stops itching. In the meantime, I will be recommending this product to friends and family back home in Canada who continue to suffer from severe allergies, especially since allergy season is just around the corner!

    8. Dear Margaret,
      Unfortunately we do not have information on specific supplements that can help build white blood cells in Sjogren’s disease. You may be able to find a local acupuncturist/herbalist or naturopathic doctor in your cousin’s area who has experience in treating the disorder, which is probably the best approach.
      Your side note regarding AllerPhase is wonderful to hear as allergies to dog dander is very common and quarantining yourself from your pet is not a happy solution.
      John Steinke, L.Ac.

    9. Are you aware of any problems with Chinese herbs for the kidneys? Is this a valid concern? I’ve heard and read about some Chinese herbs causing kidney disease if one is not careful or takes too much of certain herbs. I’d appreciate any comments on this subject that you may know about.

      Thank you.

    10. Chinese herbs that contain Aristolochic Acid are thought to cause kidney problems. However, they are banned for use in the US and Canada and reliable herb companies in the US do not use or sell them. If you have any concerns about Chinese and Western herbal supplements or supplements in regards to kidney disorders, you should always ask your doctor or qualified health care provider before taking them. If you have a local acupuncturist trained in herbal therapies, he or she can take your health history and provide you with safe formulas for your health concerns.

    11. Hello this is a question for Mr John Stienke. I have endstage osteonecrosis. BY the x-ray last week the surgeon said that my femoral heads have collapsed. I am in pain but it is bearable most of the times. I have diminished mobility. I have been seeing my acupuncturist for months now and taking and herb formula entitled ba wei di huang wan to help with my kidney qi. in reference to your article is there any hope? I DO NOT take this lightly. Im looking for some practical ideas i can throw in the mix or bring up to my L.A.c to possibly reverse this condition and avoid the hip replacement altogether. Any information would BE greatly appreciated. I ‘m sorry if I come off blunt but it seems time is running out and the pain is increasing… thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart 🙂

    12. Dear Jeffrey, please let your acupuncturist know about the article you reference. You should also refer him to this article:
      You should also consider adding in ArthriPhase to Herbal Boost and OsteoPhase for your regimen.
      Finally, there are some acupuncture points called the 5-Tiger points that are powerful for bone conditions, but I do not know if they would work for you. Your acupuncturist is welcome to call me toll-free @ 1-866-778-2646 to discuss all of the above. It is a difficult disorder an I hope we can find you some help. John Steinke

    13. Do you know of any peer-reviewed and published – in English – systematic reviews or meta-analyses on the use of systematic enzyme therapy for osteoarthritis. If so, please provide the scientific source citation(s). Thanks!

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