Can I Take MetaPhase, Which Contains Hawthorn Berry, For Metabolic Syndrome?


I would like to try MetaPhase, as I have all the problems associated with metabolic syndrome, including high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, excess weight, depression, etc. My question is, can I take MetaPhase? I see that the formula contains hawthorn berry, and I’m concerned because I take a beta blocker for my high blood pressure and want to know if it is okay to take MetaPhase while taking other prescription drugs.

Thank You,
Lana N.


  1. Dear Lana,

    MetaPhase is a dietary supplement meant to help with metabolic syndrome by aiding digestion, enhancing pancreas function and improving blood circulation.

    Hawthorn berry is a crucial herb in the formula. European doctors and nutritionists have focused on the ability of Hawthorn to improve circulation and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, all very important for metabolic syndrome and for reducing the risks of damage caused by the disorder.

    Chinese researchers, scientists, and herbalists also note the ability of Hawthorn to aid in digestion, an additional benefit of the herbal ingredient useful for diabetics and those with metabolic syndrome.

    Hawthorn, therefore, provides a variety of helpful benefits in the MetaPhase formula, that are realized over time with regular use.

    The formula also contains Turmeric. Together with Hawthorn, Turmeric improves blood circulation. However, because both can reduce platelet stickiness, MetaPhase should not be combined with the drastic blood thinner Warfarin/coumadin.

    MetaPhase is okay for use by those taking a beta blocker. I usually make two recommendations for people who are on one or more prescription or over-the-counter drugs and also taking daily supplements.

    1. Take your supplements and drugs at different times during the day – at least one hour apart although two hours is better. This eliminates most concerns for interactions between drugs and supplements.

    2. Your doctor may change your medications when your health worsens, based on testing and other considerations. You are taking dietary supplements to improve your health. When your health improves, your doctor may also want to change or reduce your medications. This is very important as most drugs have side-effects that range from mild to severe.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    VP of Product Development

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