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I’m not sure whether MetaPhase is doing anything for me, but when I first started I noticed a reduction in how much carbohydrate-heavy food I ate at one time. It’s been what, 2 or 3 months, and I’ve lost a small amount of fat, but that could easily be attributed to running a lot more. That abdominal fat is very stubborn. Anyway I’ll keep it up a while longer, then do some blood glucose measurements to see if those changed.

Stuart A.


  1. Dear Stuart,

    It actually sounds like you are getting very positive results from MetaPhase. The normal trend during aging is to gain 2 pounds of body fat and lose 1 pound of lean tissue each year. This is a gradual process, due in large part to loss of insulin and blood sugar control. A reversal of that trend is very encouraging and should be gradual.

    The fact that you have experienced a reduction in carb cravings and improved energy and stamina may also be attributable to the restoration of pancreatic function by MetaPhase. All in all, a positive upward trend, rather than a problematic downward spiral towards diabetes and its complications.

    The circulatory complications caused by elevated blood sugar levels do accumulate over time and cause a multitude of problems. Conversely, you will benefit in a myriad of ways that go beyond the fat loss and improved sports performance you are experiencing.

    The gold standard for blood glucose monitoring is an A1C test to measure your average blood glucose level for the previous 3 months. So, taking MetaPhase a little bit longer should give you a good three-month period for evaluation of its effectiveness. An A1C score of 6 or less reflects normal levels, a good goal is to have a score under 7 and it becomes important to take action when the score is 7 or more. And, of course, if you have a previous A1C score to compare with your new one it will tell you a lot about any improvements you may be accruing.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Director of Product Development

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