AllerPhase Alleviates Symptoms, Improves Sleep


Well, I promised that I’d let you know how it is going with AllerPhase. It is nothing short of a MIRACLE for me. This is only day 3 (6 capsules) into my experiment. Even the first 2 capsules showed a marked improvement for me. I was at the stage where many things caused a breathing problem. I’ve found that my bedroom is the worst area at this moment in time.

Anyway, I was using my inhaler daily at least 3 times minimally. Now, only 3 days into taking AllerPhase I am down to about ONCE in a 24-hour period. I expect that I won’t need my inhaler once I’m further along with taking 2 capsules twice a day. I’ve been taking the capsules first thing in the morning, and right before bed.

AND, another miracle was the first night on taking the capsules I actually slept 5 HOURS STRAIGHT. That is something that has not occurred for AT LEAST 5 or more years. AMAZING. For me to even give feedback on anything I take is also AMAZING. This is proof that this is a miracle.

I’ll continue to give you feedback because I am absolutely ecstatic.

Nanncy G.

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