AllerPhase And Chronic Sinusitis


Relief at last! I am 67-years-old and have had chronic sinusitis for about 45 years which frequently leads to infections of my nose, throat and lungs. I have several food allergies and am sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, cigarette and wood smoke and house dust/mites. I do not want to take drugs and have tried several natural products but none have really helped. When I read about AllerPhase in a Health Sciences Institute report, I sent for a bottle.

What a great decision. Within 24 hours I noticed a difference and within 48 hours my sinuses were cleared, my nose wasn’t red, and when I got up in the morning I wasn’t coughing up phlegm.

I continued taking one capsule of AllerPhase twice a day for one week, then dropped to one capsule a day, which really keeps my allergies under control. If I am exposed to something that really bothers me I take an extra capsule of AllerPhase just in case. Thank you so much, Tango, and keep up the good work. Everyone I have talked to at your company are so helpful and pleasant.

Betty, Cow Bay, Nova Scotia

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