AllerPhase Helps With Hometown Allergies


I have always suffered from allergies but my condition improved after I moved away from my hometown. I recently moved back and it wasn’t long before my allergies came back again. I live in the farming part of the country and believe me, the allergies are always attacking me, including hay and anything else that is blooming. We locals call Sand Mountain the allergy capital of the world.

I started taking AllerPhase in April 2008, and within a week I had no allergy symptoms. When I ran out of AllerPhase, my allergies immediately came back. I make it a point now to always have AllerPhase on hand and I take it religiously. It has definitely made my life better.

I have taken prescription medications over the years, but I always get drowsy and develop “another world” kind of feeling. With AllerPhase I don’t have to worry about drowsiness or any other side effects. It is the safe natural and effective way to go.

Cynthia Burson


  1. FemPhase also is extremely good – 5 stars. SleepCycle 5 stars. Each and every product that I have used has surpassed the feedback quality. You can not beat these products.”


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