Compound Ankle Fractures And ArthriPhase


Forty-two years ago I was exercising one of my polo ponies when he reared and threw me. As a result I suffered a severe compound fracture of my left ankle. After my surgeon screwed and wired the pieces together (I still have some of the wire in my ankle) I spent three months in a wheel chair, two months on crutches and two months of painful physiotherapy before I was able to go back to playing polo.

Ten months later during an international match, my left leg was caught between my horse and my opponent’s horse and was so badly twisted that the ankle broke again (I wasn’t even thrown).

My surgeon warned me that because of the two breaks I would develop a severe arthritic condition in my ankle. As the years passed it turned out that he was absolutely correct. Several yeas ago I had to give up my daily hour’s walk in the park. The pain killers had such bad side effects on my stomach that I had to take medicine to counteract them.

I finally decided that I would try an alternative solution. Well, I am almost through my second bottle of ArthriPhase, and while it is going to be a long treatment after so many years of pain, I was so encouraged that I actually went for a five minute walk this week.

I realized that I was pushing my luck, but I will be glad to continue to share my results after a several months of using ArthriPhase.

Sincerely, Robert

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