Feedback On 3 Years Experience with AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase And Vital Cell


Well, it’s been three years now that I’ve been taking AllerPhase, ImmunoPhase and Vital Cell. This is what I’ve discovered.

AllerPhase has eliminated my sinusitis / rhinitis (runny nose). Even when I have run out for a few days, my symptoms don’t reappear. In the past three years I have not had an asthma attack, and I credit this to AllerPhase, because in the previous years under my doctor’s care for allergies and asthma, I had two attacks. Since taking AllerPhase I’ve had no attacks and only a couple of bad allergy days. Perhaps this formula has preventative properties as well as curative? I would be interested to know if other people have noticed this benefit as well.

ImmunoPhase – What can I say? I can’t remember the last time I was sick. We have used ImmunoPhase on some of our pets (dogs and rats) with rather astonishing results. Their condition improved measurably.

Vital Cell – This one’s interesting. I still haven’t figured out all that it’s doing for me. In one of your previous newsletters a doctor wrote, saying he thought his eyesight was getting better. I haven’t noticed this effect, but while shaving one day I thought my eyes looked a deeper blue, but I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks or not. Several days later my wife said she thought the blue in my eyes was getting deeper, and I hadn’t told her that I had noticed this too! So it must be working in ways yet to be explained.

Bottom line – all of your products work very well!

Thanks For My Health,

B.D. Gibson
Certified Herbalist
Ottawa, Canada

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