FemmePhase And Improved Hormonal And Circulatory Benefits


AllerPhase, FemmePhase and OsteoPhase are continuing to make an amazing difference in my life. I just had my eighty-fourth birthday, and what I say is that people who think age is all in your mind should try living in an eighty-four year old body!

Not only have I had respiratory allergies all my life, but a number of life threatening illnesses, which have all taken their toll. Add arthritis, blocked arteries in both legs and allergic bronchitis leading to severe COPD, and the result is that the simplest actions require putting up with a lot of pain and effort.

Since I’ve been taking your formulas I have considerably MORE energy and considerably LESS pain overall. My lungs are working better than they have been for many years, which I mostly attribute to AllerPhase (less allergic mucous, swelling and irritation of lungs).

OsteoPhase, along with other joint support supplements, has contributed to markedly reduced arthritis pain. I have yet to get a bone scan, but am in hopes that I will be pleased with the results when I do (I will let you know).

And the suggestion that FemmePhase might help my circulation was evidently correct too, although I had been told there was nothing I could do for it except dangerous (at my age and in my condition) surgery. I am now able to walk two to six blocks before severe pain from blocked arteries kicks in, instead of barely half a block.

I’d love to be altogether free from this particular misery, but I’m enormously grateful for any improvement at all. Because of your products, my world is literally opening out bit by bit, instead of closing more and more tightly in.

With heartfelt appreciation,
Anne White

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