FemmePhase For Hot Flashes, Menopause Symptoms


I do believe that I have been taking FemmePhase for at least a year now. I had been going through my menopause for about 2 years before I started taking FemmePhase. My husband is one who does a lot of investigations on different supplements that might be good for us. He found the article about FemmePhase and knowing what I was going through, he ordered some for me to try. I do believe that he got me four bottles.

I started by taking 2 capsules, twice a day and by the time I got through the second bottle I could already tell the difference. So I cut down to three capsules a day and stayed there for quite a while.

My hair at the time was shoulder length and because of all the hot flashes it was always up in a ponytail. I decided to at least cut the back of my hair short so that I could be a little more comfortable. Those who have the hot flash will know what I am taking about. That internal furnace that roars off and on, carrying a hand fan around with me to try and stay cool. I had certain clothes that I could no longer wear because when I had a hot flash, it would be twice as bad. Or I would have a t-shirt on for when the hot flash turned on, and when it was over I would have a long sleeved shirt to put on because then I would end up cold. It was quite a roller coaster. I would ask people “is it hot in here or is it just me?”

The commercial where the lady goes outside in the middle of the winter to kick the snow off the air conditioner, well I used to laugh at it, but ITS TRUE!

Of course we can’t forget the nighttime sweats. Throwing off of the blankets, then pulling them back on, because now you’re freezing, doing this over and over again through out the night. A full nights sleep was a luxury. I also had a small fan that ran all night. It was placed just right by my bed so that it would help keep me cool during those flashes of heat.

Thanks to FemmePhase, I no longer have any of these issues. I am now down to taking one, yes, just one capsule a day to keep everything in check. I do find that if I miss several days, those hot flashes do come creeping back, so I just start taking a couple more through the day for awhile, and I’m back to my rightful self again.

FemmePhase is now, and always will be, part of my day. It has helped make my days and nights so much easier to get through, without having to worry about those menopause issues following me around.

Thank You FemmePhase so very much!!

Hala-Dee Chumway
Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

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