Husband Helped After 40 Years With Seasonal Sensitivities


I found your site through Hyla Cass, MD ( I am a huge fan of hers and her advice has improved my life immensely! As for my husband, he has suffered from respiratory issues for 40 years. He has tried just about all of the OTC products available, having only modest success until his system acclimated and the benefits slowly waned.

Then he tried AllerPhase. WOW! What a difference! Within 3 days he could breathe so much better and his issues kept diminishing. Yea! He has been on AllerPhase (1 capsule, twice a day) for several months and it continues to work just as well as it did from the start!

We cant thank you enough for this wonderful product! My husband is so happy and relieved (and so am I)!

Debby W.

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