ImmunoPhase And Deep, Persistent Cough


I am writing in reference to ImmunoPhase. I had a bottle of ImmunoPhase for at least one year before I started to use them for a deep persistent cough. Late on the evening of August 24 I came down with a sore throat that was so painful I had to visit to the doctor.

On August 25 I was given antibiotics, but I had to return to my doctor because I was very short of breath. I was put on a nebuliser with some Ventolin for my asthma and was given prednisolone (75 mg for 4 days, 50 mg for 4 days, 25 mg for 6 days and 10 mg for 8 days) plus another round of antibiotics.

After sleeping in a recliner chair for three weeks I was left with a deep, persistent cough. I decided to try ImmunoPhase. On the first day I took 2 capsules, 3 times daily. The next day I took 1 capsule, twice daily. NO MORE COUGH!

I now take 1 capsule of ImmunoPhase twice daily and no longer have a cough. By the way, I am a smoker, but have cut down drastically.

I thought I would let you know how I feel about ImmunoPhase. I think it is wonderful.

Yours Sincerely,

Helen Proud, Australia

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