MetaPhase And Blood Sugar


I want to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts about MetaPhase. Whereas Mendelian statistics predict that one in four children of persons with blood sugar issues also develop such issues, in my family the statistic has been 100% for the past two generations. Over the years I have come to think that my family’s blood sugar issues are a bit different from what is normally considered the case. Our issue is always adult onset, we are all pear shaped, and we all have the usual health issue complications.

When I was diagnosed in 1975 at the age of 40 my blood sugars were controlled by diet for a short while. Later my doctor prescribed the drug Diabeta, which helped for a year or so at which time I began using insulin. Over the years my dosage of insulin has increased as my age progressed.

In 2006 Dr. Mitchell A. Fleisher recommended I try MetaPhase. At the time I was experiencing significant blood sugar issues.

Dr. Fleisher recommended that I start with six MetaPhase capsules per day in the beginning. After about 3 months I learned how to balance my insulin dosage to maintain blood sugars between 90 and 120. Metaphase was then reduced to four capsules per day. Blood sugar tests now show that my long-term sugar (A1c) levels are within normal range.

Additional benefits I’ve noticed include increased mental alacrity and increased stamina.

Thank you for MetaPhase. You have my deepest gratitude because MetaPhase keeps me well enough to still be useful to the two little children I tutor each week.

Respectfully yours,

Joan H. Thomasson

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