More Feedback On FloControl Success


Whenever I hear about a new remedy, I always question whether it’s real or not. I think maybe the company is just trying to make money. I was already taking a generic Detrol LA I had gotten from the Veterans Administration, but I’d read it’s not too good. Most medications have some side effects, and I’d much sooner take something natural.

I talked to John Steinke, and he said to take 9 FloControl a day for 20 days. Like I said, I thought it wasn’t going to work. I thought I’d be calling back for a refund. But I figured I’d try FloControl because I had to take something, my bladder was weak, and I was leaking all the time.

I tried FloControl for 20 days, and it actually worked. I couldn’t believe it. Then I cut down to 6 a day, and it’s still working.

I really love it. I’d recommend FloControl to anybody.

Mr. R. S.
Genova, NB


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