1. Dear Logain,

    Yes. Our formula, OsteoPhase, works to restore healthy calcium balance by removing excess calcium from the blood and soft tissues and redirecting it to its proper place in skeletal bones. While this process is beneficial in treating osteoporosis and arterial plaque, it also helps to re-establish proper pH balance by making the body more alkaline.

    The developer of OsteoPhase has found that all of his gout patients suffer from abnormally high acid pH levels. Subsequently he reports that he has successfully treated gout with OsteoPhase, and that symptoms generally resolve within a few days.

    He recommends taking 6-8 capsules of OsteoPhase daily until the pain goes away, usually within 3-4 days. He also suggests opening one capsule per day and dissolving it in hot water. After letting the water cool, soak the toe in the solution to get quicker results. Any recurrent attacks of gout would be treated the same way, or you could use a low daily dose of 1-2 capsules of OsteoPhase to keep your ph in balance.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Director of Product Development

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