ImmunoPhase In Cold Weather


Thank you for letting me take part in your evaluation trial for ImmunoPhase. I’m originally from Hawaii and have never fully adjusted to the California combination of bright sunlight and cold temperatures. As a consequence I frequently come down with sinus and upper respiratory issues every winter. Come December I’d gather up my throat drops and start searching for new formulas on the pharmacy shelves. During even mild seasons, whenever I felt that certain tickle in my throat or felt fatigued, I knew what was coming on (especially if I’d been out in cold weather without a jacket!).

After evaluating ImmunoPhase for the last year I now find I no longer need to worry about my health, even in the chilliest weather or when stress at work becomes overwhelming. In short, ImmunoPhase is remarkable!

After several months of taking ImmunoPhase after I already developing sinus and upper respiratory issues, I learned to take ImmunoPhase as a an immuno-supportive measure at even the slightest sign that something might be coming on. The results were remarkable and I’ve been able to maintain my regular health.

Even more amazing is the fact that if my sinus and upper respiratory issues have already progressed beyond my ability to keep denying it, ImmunoPhase still works, so that my issues lasts for a much shorter interval than usual. Now I feel better within a day or two, whereas my sinus and upper respiratory issues used to last for at least a week (or more).

I highly recommend ImmunoPhase to anyone looking for a natural formula for seasonal sinus and upper respiratory support.


Elizabeth Kim
San Francisco

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