Success with ArthriPhase™ After Arthroscopic Surgery


ArthriPhase has done wonders for my husband who has been suffering from knee pain for many months. Last summer he had great difficulty walking and standing, and his orthopedic surgeon suggested arthroscopic surgery for the meniscus in his knees. The surgeon also found he had arthritis in his knees and probably would eventually require knee replacement.

After recovering from his arthroscopic surgery my husband continued to have pain. He had a cortisone shot which helped a bit, but then the pain returned.

At that time I received the latest newsletter issue from the Health Science Institute mentioning this new product from Tango nutrition called ArthriPhase. I called Tango nutrition to get further information and after an informative and helpful discussion with John I ordered a two month supply for my husband to try.

It really worked miracles for my husband. His pain completely subsided in a very short time and he has been pain free ever since. He cannot believe how wonderful his knees now feel. After two months I called and spoke with John to tell him the good news. We decided to have my husband continue using ArthriPhase for a while longer. I also learned that ArthriPhase could be helpful for osteoporosis, so we have increased the dose somewhat.

My husband and I are extremely pleased with the performance of ArthriPhase in such a short time. Anyone who has ever been in pain knows what a miracle it is to be pain free after taking something as effective and specific as ArthriPhase. We are also most appreciative of the professional approach and help we received from Tango Nutrition. Based on our wonderful experience we would definitely recommend this product for anyone with arthritis.

With regards, Norma F.


  1. Hi Norma,

    Thank you so much for this inspiring story. We are so pleased that ArthriPhase is helping your husband with his knee pain. And I just want to reinforce the point that when inflammation is reduced, the herbs in the remedy that build bone and restore soft tissues can really begin to work. Continuing to use the product will provide its restorative benefits that go beyond pain control, reduced swelling and improved mobility.

    With best wishes for continued improvement,
    John Steinke, L.Ac.

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