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I love to take Arthriphase, it really helped my joints and stopped the pain but after pulmonary embolism I asked the doctor about this product, he had no idea since the Chinese herbs don’t mean anything to him, is it possible to find out what these herbs are in terms he can understand and what they might/might not do in tandem with the blood-thinner.

There must be an English equivalent I can show the doctor so I might be able to get back on your product for my own well-being. Your input would be greatly appreciated


  1. Dear Heidi,

    There is an article on the Nutrition Review website at this link which details the functions of the many herbs in ArthriPhase:

    Some of the herbal ingredients in the formula do have blood thinning properties since poor blood circulation to the joints is a component of arthritis, or joint inflammation.

    If you are on the blood thinner coumadin/warfarin for pulmonary embolism, I would not recommend that you take ArthriPhase at this time.

    If you are on less dangerous blood thinners, then under supervision of your doctor you may be able to take the supplement.

    With regards,

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Product Specialist
    Tango Advanced Nutrition

  2. Hi, John, am still on coumadin but am fighting to get off, have informed the medical personnel that I will get back on Arthriphase since my hands are very bad and I am hurting in general to the point of taking steroids just to survive. I have sent the ingredients to the medical facility and have told them to figure out how to accomodate this or take me off coumadin. Am curious to see what they will do but I am DETERMINED to stop this suffering by getting back on your product. Thanks agian for your answer and your product.


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