ArthriPhase Helps Relieve Foot Pain Following Surgeries


I thought you might be interested to learn that since we last corresponded, I have used ArthriPhase with a 40-year old female suffering from right foot pain, that was especially painful when walking. She had a bunion surgically removed from her left foot in 2007, with screws that subsequently loosened. She had a second surgery to remove a bunion in 2008, with subsequent development of narrowing cartilage and a cyst.

What is interesting about her case is that she works as a pharmaceutical rep for a drug company and did not obtain any relief from her company’s NSAIDS or Voltaren Gel. After using ArthriPhase for a few weeks she eagerly called me to say that she is back to wearing high heels, which she had previously avoided due to pain.

Barry R. Snow, ND, PhD
HJD Pain Center of NYU Langone Medical Center

Admin comment: Voltaren Gel is a prescription topical NSAID FDA-approved for osteoarthritis joint pain.

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