Customer Finds Relief With AllerPhase


I have been coughing uncontrollably for three years. I couldn’t stop coughing and was worried that I maybe had lung cancer. I couldn’t even sing anymore or have a conversation for long without coughing. Finally I was diagnosed with asthma, but unfortunately, all the medications I tried had terrible side effects and ultimately I could not take them due to my medical condition. As I am borderline glaucoma, my eye doctor warned me that I could not take the meds prescribed for my asthma as they would dry up my eyes. The drugs that I tried also dried up my nose and I was not sure what I was going to do.

Then I heard from a friend about AllerPhase. Her name is Ella Robinson, and she told me that AllerPhase was working for her. I bought a bottle and, at first, I didn’t notice a difference, as I only took one cap a day.  But after I had been taking it for a while my kids noticed I wasn’t coughing as much anymore. I had started out taking one AllerPhase a day, but after a week increased my dosage to two capsules a day, and that was when I noticed a real difference. Now I take 3 capsules of AllerPhase each day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and another at night.

My chronic nasal run/drip that my doctor’s said was causing my cough before, is now completely cleared up. AllerPhase has completely eliminated my discomfort. This is the most wonderful stuff. I thank you so much for bringing this to the public.

To reiterate, I hardly cough at all anymore, only when I eat. And, I can sing again! This product is better than anything I’ve taken.  It is the only thing that has given me any help, and it has no side-effects. I will take this for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

Laura White


  1. Also, CardioPhase, Vital Cell, ImmunoPhase. These products are helping me cope with my asthma and blood pressure. I truly feel a difference since I started taking them. Thank you so much for making them available. I trust your products.

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