Pleased With GastroCalm


I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results of a Tango formula, GastroCalm. I have a private practice in San Francisco, where I see a variety of clientele. Last week, I had a client present with decreased appetite and stomach issues. She had recently been traveling, and was feeling really depleted after the experience. I gave her an acupuncture treatment, and then sent her out with GastroCalm.

During the follow-up session one week later, this client was beaming! She was so impressed. She said, That formula you gave me worked, like in three hours! And said she was able to resume appetite, hydration, and normal activity almost immediately.

Effective products like GastroCalm really make compliance with Chinese Herbs so much easier! Thank you!

Amy M. Petrarca, MS, RN, L.Ac.
Managing Member, BiaoHealth Acupuncture, LLC.
605 Chenery Street, Suite C.

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