FloControl Greatly Helps School Bus Driver


I’m writing to share my experience with your product, FloControl. First, a little about myself: I drive a school bus for a living, and can only hold my urine for about 45 mins, or else I will pee my pants. I went to two doctors for treatment and they both wanted me to go to a specialist for a painful procedure. I decided not to go that route if I absolutely didn’t have to.

Then I came across some literature that mentioned FloControl, which sounded very interesting. I had already tried other products that claimed to do what the article said that FloControl does, but none of the other formulas worked. I decided to give FloControl a try, and the results are amazing. With FloControl I can now go for 3 to 4 hours without having to go to the bathroom! FloControl is heaven sent and I will never live without it. Unless someone has lived with this problem it’s very hard to understand always having to worry about where the closest bathroom is and having to worry about getting to it in time. Now, with FloControl, I can travel again without worrying about going to the bathroom. FloControl is great! Thank you so much.

Linda P

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