AllerPhase® Helps Reader Breath Freely Again


I have really bad allergic reactions to all of the perfumes and chemicals found in lotions, hairsprays and aftershave. I simply can’t be around any those products and need to have fresh air. The only way I can cope with this problem is to stay in my own room, away from other people, or to carry oxygen bottles with me everywhere I go so that I can breathe.

Now, after taking just one bottle of your AllerPhase I no longer need the oxygen bottles. I only use a mask now, and I don’t need to use that very much. I can now go and be among my friends and say hello to them. This is wonderful.

I have tried many other products, but they just didn’t work. Now I take one capsule of your AllerPhase each day, unless I’m going to be around a lot of people, and then I’ll take two capsules a day. AllerPhase is wonderful, and it really works. And since I had to pay $15 every time I got my oxygen bottle refilled, AllerPhase is saving us money, too. I still carry one oxygen bottle around in the car, but since I’ve started taking AllerPhase I have not had to use it even once.

Renee C.

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