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About five or six years ago, I was suffering from seasonal issues. My Mom suggested I try AllerPhase. I’m not sure where she had seen it advertised, but she gave me the order information and I tried it since I wasn’t happy with the side affects from prescription and over-the-counter remedies. AllerPhase has worked wonderfully for me, and over the years my seasonal issues are much less severe than they were previously which I attribute to the supplement.

Then about four years ago my doctor ordered a bone density scan, due to my age and personal family history. I was diagnosed with bone health issues. My doctor, quite naturally, suggested I start taking medication. I explained that I’d prefer to try another course of action versus taking a prescription drug that I would most likely be taking for the rest of my life. I’d had such good success with AllerPhase that I decided to try your OsteoPhase and FemmePhase formulas, in place of prescription drugs to promote my bone health.

I began taking your OsteoPhase and FemmePhase, along with vitamin D and calcium that my doctor had suggested, and walking to improve my bone health. Two years later I had a follow-up bone density scan. This second test indicated that my bones were becoming stronger and healthier. I was ecstatic and continued using OsteoPhase and FemmePhase for the next two years.

So here we are, four years after the original diagnosis, and my third bone density scan has revealed that I have successfully addressed my bone health issues, and my bones are healthy and normal. I recently ordered these two formulas for my Mom, since she suffered from a stress fracture in one of her vertebrae from the unfortunate affects of having bone health issues. I am a firm believer in these supplements and have the medical tests to prove they worked for me.



  1. I currently take 500 mg calcium daily with 4 tablets of osteophase. I am 63 years old and my bones have improved from osteoporsis to osteopenia. Would you recommend the current dosage? I am 63 years old and in good health.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Jeri,

    That is very good progress. If you wish, you can now use 2 OsteoPhase capsules daily and very likely see continued improvement. You do not need to increase your calcium intake as that level is adequate. Sincerely, John Steinke, L.Ac.

  3. I am 70 will be 71 in July. I had a compression L2 fracture and had a Kyphoplasty. Prior to this about 3 years ago my bone density scan revealed high risk for osteroporosis. Since my kyphoplasty procedure my bone density scan shows that I have osteoporosis.
    I have been taken 600mg of calcium with vitamin D 2 times a day for nearly 5 plus years and recently added vitamin D-3 1000mg 2 times a day within the last year. I exercise 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, such as, Spinning, Aeroboics, Weight Lifting, Treadmill and Walking. Since my kyphoplasty I am in Physical Therapy to re-educate on body mechanics. Will OsteoPhase help me?

  4. In my clinical experience as a sports medicine acupuncturist treating fractures and osteoporosis, a combination of 2 capsules OsteoPhase and 1 capsule of Herbal Boost one or two times per day has proven very beneficial in improving bone health and growth.
    For osteoporosis, you would have to take the formulas until your next bone density scan to verify improvements. Spinal fractures, should you have another or need more healing to the L2 area should respond in 30-60 days.
    John Steinke, L.Ac.

  5. Hi John
    Thank you for your info. Since menopause (38 years old when I had total hysterectomy), I have never been on any hormone therapy. Now that I have osteoporosis the plan is to put me on prescription drugs which I don’t want to do, therefore a suggestion of a combination of 2 capsules OsteoPhase and 1 capsule of Herbal Boost one or two times per day which I feel is awesome. My next question, do I continue Calcium/VitD 600mg 1 tablet 2 x’s per day and D-3 1000mg 1 softgel 2 x’s per day?

  6. Ellen,
    1 tablet of 600 mg. calcium with Vit D per day is adequate when taking OsteoPhase. There are growing concerns about what is called calcium-alkalinity when 1.5 grams or more total calcium from food and your supplements is ingested daily.
    2 of the D-3 X 1000 mg. is fine as it is useful for bones and all other body tissues.
    John Steinke, L.Ac.

  7. Dear John,
    I am totally confused! Because I was diagnosed with ostheopina the Dr. put me on 1260mg plus 1000IU of vit.D3 daily. The pharmacist suggested 10,000 IU vit3D daily plus
    one coral calcium “supreme”. I have had heel pain, tendonitis, plantar faciitis, and a spur.
    A friend suggested I take Ezorb for relief. HELP!
    Thanks for any help,
    Mary Lou

  8. Because you are confused about how much and what type of calcium to take when you have osteopenia, you may wish to review your situation with one of our nutrition/herbal experts. You can call toll-free at 1-866-778-2646, ext 2 for assistance from 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.

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