London Client Pleased With OsteoPhase


After I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of my spine and hip at the Royal Free Hospital, London, they treated me with calcium. When they gave me a bone scan, it showed a very slight improvement, so they told me to increase the daily calcium dose. Once again, after twelve months’ treatment they gave me another bone scan showing marginal gain, but I felt my body was becoming clogged with all this calcium while showing very little improvement in correcting this condition.

One of my sons spoke with Ward Dean, MD, who kindly advised that I try OsteoPhase, which I immediately ordered. After one year of taking OsteoPhase the hospital scanned my spine and hip and found an improvement. I told the hospital’s doctor about OsteoPhase. I agreed that if the next scan didn’t show any further improvement I would go back to their calcium treatment. However, this being my second year on OsteoPhase, they scanned my spine and hip again for the third time. When the doctor saw the results of this latest hospital scan, which showed the most improvement, he told me that I should continue taking OsteoPhase.

Thank you very much for this excellent product, and thank you Dr. Dean.


Mrs. P. Shaw

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