Success From Combination Of OsteoPhase And Herbal Boost


I began taking Tango’s OsteoPhase® and Herbal Boost® in late summer 2008 to address my bone density issues. During past years I had fractured my femur falling off a bike, and cracked my pelvis tripping on a rock and falling. Both events required assiduous efforts to recover and strengthen.

In 2008, quite by accident, surfing the web, I discovered Tango Nutrition and I had a long talk with you over the phone. I had just had a DEXA scan and my T score was a grim, high risk of -3.9. You recommended two products, OsteoPhase and Herbal Boost, which you believed would work together to increase bone mass or at least promote bone density.

I took both supplements faithfully for two years, and then had another DEXA scan in late August, 2010. My T score one month ago was -3.1, a dramatic improvement in a relatively short time. In addition to Tango products I take vitamin supplements and get lots of exercise.

Interestingly, just before my recent scan I had applied for long-term care insurance. The underwriter was willing to cover me with a T score of -3.9, since she found me active and healthy at 71 years of age and taking no drugs whatsoever, just supplements and the Tango products. But she warned me that if I had waited until I had a T score of -4 no company would offer me coverage. When I told her the results of my scan in August she was stunned!

I feel fortunate to have discovered Tango Nutrition. You have always been willing to talk, to offer your expertise and to share your enthusiasm!

Virginia S.

Dear Virginia,

Thank you for your kind letter about your use of OsteoPhase and Herbal Boost in support of bone health.
As you know, typically as we age we lose about 1% of our bone density each year, unless there is accelerated bone loss due to various risk factors that an individual may be experiencing. So to see such dramatic improvements in the left femoral neck of your femur in your hip is quite remarkable and signifies you are reversing a potentially debilitating aging trend.

And we are pleased that you have shared your results with us so that others in similar situations can see the possibilities of helpful supplementation.

John Steinke, L.Ac.

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