Happy With Outcome After Taking OsteoPhase For Two Years


Thank you for allowing me to share my story about how OsteoPhase® helped me. My physician, Dr. Branin, was supportive when I showed him the literature about OsteoPhase two years ago. He said it looked like a good product from the review. His only concern was that there were only positive reports and no negatives.

A year ago I saw a new doctor, because Dr. Branin is on medical leave. My new doctor was very skeptical about my taking OsteoPhase but respected my opinion because I said I was doing this as an experiment. If there was no improvement when I had my next DEXA scan, I’d reconsider.

My new doctor’s attitude totally changed when he saw me this year after reviewing the results of my DEXA scan. I think he’s planning to recommend OsteoPhase for his wife who has been taking bisphosphonate drugs.

After my first DEXA scan in 2004, I was started on bisphosphonate drugs. There was improvement in the 2006 DEXA but I was uneasy and discontinued taking the drugs and tried to just use calcium supplements, a good diet and exercise. However, my results in 2008 showed that my bone density had regressed. That’s when I went on the internet to review possible options and found the information about OsteoPhase on HSI’s website.

I took 3 capsules a day for a year and then figured I had probably built my bone density back and could follow a maintenance dose of 2 capsules for the next year. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that a friend noticed the recommended daily dose is 4 capsules. Because I had gone so long taking the lower doses and was soon having my next DEXA scan, I continued taking just the 2 capsules per day.

Today two parameters are still osteopenic so I’ve increased my intake to 4 capsules per day since my 7/29/2010 DEXA scan. I’m trying to get within normal limits with all of the parameters by my 2112 DEXA scan. My new doctor was really impressed, because my AP Spine (L1-L4) had improved by 8 percent in the two years on OsteoPhase. All the parameters improved. None of the improvements with drugs were as dramatic as with OsteoPhase.

What I like most about OsteoPhase is that it promotes building of new bone and not bone resorption. I also liked that taking calcium supplements is not necessary with OsteoPhase, and I stopped taking them two years ago after I used up what I had on hand. (I’m a dietitian/nutritionist and have followed a vegetarian diet for over 30 years. I’ve been eating a nutritious plant-based diet for a long time based on reviews of heart disease and cancer research findings).

Thank you for letting me share my positive results so that more women may know there is a viable option to current prescription drugs for osteoporosis.

Cora Kurtz, PhD, ret.RD


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