Bone Scans


Subject Two: Scan 2(d)


Fig. 2d. Fourth bone density scan (Achilles Ultrasonometer) of subject 2 (female, age 57 years) six weeks months after last scan. For six weeks the subject had received a combination of a new, calcium balancing formula, in combination with two other formulas. The first consisted of a blend of minerals, including zeolyte, and the second a blend of herbs formulated to enhance blood health and improve circulation in peri- and post-menopausal women.

Taking the combination therapy resulted in a significant improvement, with a BMD score of 99 (yellow highlighted area), indicating a bone density comparable to a healthy 30-year-old female. To confirm the validity of the test results, a second scan was conducted. The second scan revealed a BMD of 100, placing both scans within the testing margin of error and confirming the earlier score of 99.


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