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Health authorities around the globe continue to warn of a potential influenza pandemic that they fear the world is ill prepared to cope with. As communicable disease experts scrutinize daily reports for signs of an impending outbreak, public health specialists and drug manufacturers are working to develop vaccines, drugs, and strategies to quarantine and treat the ill. Unfortunately these plans will take years to implement, and some of the most dangerous strains of influenza to appear in decades are beginning to show up in new populations of birds, pigs and people on an almost daily basis

While Western health experts and drug manufacturers admit they lack adequate medical tools for fighting a serious outbreak – and won’t have them anytime soon – health experts in China have stocked up on a unique anti-viral herbal formula that has already demonstrated its ability to protect those at highest risk of infection in a crisis – the front-line health care workers who attend to sick patients.

The formula is an updated version of several traditional Chinese cold and flu formulas. While most cold and flu products work by suppressing symptoms of a cold or flu, It has been shown to prevent symptoms when taken at the first signs of infection. When taken after infection has set in the formula was also shown to relieve symptoms and enhance the immune response for more rapid recovery.

Confronting Outbreak in Hong Kong

When a new virus broke out in Hong Kong in March 2003 the disease proved incredibly difficult to treat: antibiotics and standard antiviral drugs, including a powerful combination of the antiviral drug Ribavirin and steroids, turned out to be ineffective. Compounding the crisis was the discovery that front-line healthcare workers were especially vulnerable – up to 25% of all cases of new infection were in the very doctors and nurses needed to care for ill patients.

Confronted with a deadly virus that was resistant to conventional treatments, Hong Kong health authorities desperately sought any means for coping with the new disease. Then in mid-April officials noted something curious – even as doctors and nurses at Western-style hospitals were becoming sick, medical workers staffing traditional Chinese medical clinics throughout Hong Kong remained healthy and infection-free, despite their close proximity to infected patients. As the authorities quickly learned, the clinic workers were boosting their immune systems by taking a unique antiviral herbal formula that had been developed by medical experts at the city’s Chinese University.

Within days hospital authorities had rushed 40,000 doses of the formula to at-risk health care workers across the city, while a special team of epidemiologists from the University of Hong Kong monitored the workers to track their exposure to the virus. After two weeks the researchers reported that none of the health workers had contracted the infection after taking the herbal formula. Additionally, blood samples showed that the formula was significantly boosting the workers immunological functions, indicating an ability to prevent viral infection at the very earliest stages of exposure. The epidemiological team concluded that the herbal formula was a suitable preparation for preventing influenza-like infections.

Natural Antiviral Support for Colds and Flu

The formula used in Hong Kong was based on the work of one of the leading experts of modern Chinese medicine, Dr. Dexin Yan. In 1990 Dr. Yan launched an intensive study of the effects of three traditional cold and flu formulas. The first, Yin Chiao, was shown to be effective for stopping a cold if taken at the first sign of an infection. The second formula, Gan Mao Ling, was found to significantly reduce the duration of a cold or flu if taken after infection had already set in. And the last formula, Zhong Gan Ling, turned out to be extremely effective for treating the flu, especially when present with a high fever.

Dr. Yan began by combining the best elements of all three formulas. Next, he increased the amount of three important medicinal herbs – Ilex, Isatis, and Forsythia – which new research has shown exert powerful, antiviral actions. Dr. Yan then added elements from a fourth formula,Pe Min Kan Wan, which acts as an effective nasal decongestant.

After extensive testing and clinical evaluation Dr. Yan finally arrived at a single formula that stops colds or flu when taken at the first sign, and speeds up recovery when taken after a cold or flu has already started. Best of all, reports from his patients revealed that the formula was especially effective at alleviating such common symptoms as nasal congestion, headaches and stuffy head symptoms.

News from China

In a recent development, Dr. Yan, was chosen by the Central Committee in Beijing to lead a team of medical advisors helping the Chinese government prepare for a potential pandemic flu. Dr. Yan reports that his team, with the full backing of the Beijing Health Ministry, has launched an emergency program to increase the production of his formula in case a new virus mutates to allow for human-to-human infection.

Dosage and Safety of Dr. Yan’s Formula

This formula is completely free of side effects and use will not make one feel sleepy, cause drowsiness or otherwise impair function. Since the formula is stimulant-free its use does not contribute to irritability, impair sleep or interfere with blood pressure medications.


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