Chemotherapy-Induced Osteoporosis


One of Dr. Mitch Fleisher’s patients is a 67-year old woman suffering from severe osteoporosis caused by chemotherapy treatments for her breast cancer.

After only four months of taking a combination of two capsules of an advanced herbal bone support formula, and 2000 I.U. of Vitamin D-3 per day she achieved a remarkable 12% increase in bone density as measured by bone scan. Her gynecologist was surprised since such increases are not observed in patients using estrogen or Fosamax.

Osteoporosis Often Overlooked in Men

Osteoporosis in men is an overlooked and rapidly growing health issue. In fact, 2 million men in the U.S. currently suffer from serious bone loss, and experts estimate that 25 percent of all men over 50 will experience an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime.

13.6 Percent Increase in Hip Bone Mass Density in 3 Months

We have just obtained results from an individual trial that indicates benefits from using an advanced herbal bone support formula to reverse bone loss in elderly men. Our client undertook his first bone mass density scan at the age of 73. Remarkably, his lower spine BMD was above normal, indicating an extremely low risk for fracture. However, his hip BMD showed osteoporosis with a moderate risk of bone fracture. It is common that one skeletal area can have normal, healthy bone tissue and another area definite bone loss. In his case, the worrisome hip region was deteriorating.

Alarmed at this result, our subject undertook a sophisticated supplement program, including adequate levels of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. One year later his DEXA scan showed that his condition had worsened, revealing a loss of another 7.5% of bone mass in his hip, and resulting in an increase of fracture risk of 88%.

After contacting us he began a three-month-program combining an advanced herbal bone support formula with his normal supplements. His retest this past December showed no changes in his already healthy spinal bone density, but his hip BMD readings showed an astounding 13.6% increase in bone mass density. This result equates to a dramatic 158% reduction in his risk of suffering a fracture of the hip!

Combined with our previous evaluations with women these new results confirm that a good advanced herbal bone support formula should be considered by anyone – male or female – seriously concerned about maintaining healthy bone mass and reducing their risk of fracture.

Ankle Fracture and Dental Implants

A further customer reports dramatic results in the use of advanced herbal bone support formulas to promote bone growth in an ankle fracture and her jaw bones. Her doctors were alarmed that her ankle fracture was not healing properly, causing her continual pain while walking. This type of non-union fracture is actually quite common, occurring in up to 10% of all fractures. After just a four-month course of taking an advanced herbal bone support formula, her ankle pain disappeared completely. She was happily able to return to walking and dancing in her favorite high heels. And her doctors canceled further exams and plans for surgery to stabilize her ankle.

Just prior to taking the advanced herbal bone support formula for her ankle fracture her orthodontist told her that she was unable to have implant surgery because she had lost so much tissue in her jawbones. Four months later a follow up x-ray indicated that she now has enough bone tissue for the dental implants.

Physicians and researchers consider bone growth to be very significant when it is so extensive that it appears on x-rays. Our customer recently had a DEXA bone density scan that did reveal osteoporosis of the spine and hip. This report verifies that a disorder in regulation of calcium homeostasis is the underlying factor in poor bone growth throughout her body. With her scan baseline in hand, she is eager to continue supporting reversal of bone loss with her daily regimen of the advanced herbal bone support formula.

Improved Tooth Mobility, Jaw Bone

Another customer, a man in his sixties, sent us his scan revealing an 8% increase in bone density in his lower spine of while using the advanced herbal bone support formula. He also included two letters from his dental hygienist indicating likely bone growth in his jaw. Previously he had suffered severe bone loss, infection and tooth mobility throughout his mouth, leading to upper dentures. His recent exam following supplementation with the advanced herbal bone support formula reveals that his remaining teeth are no longer loose and showed significant improvement in the soft tissues and bone of his lower jaw.

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