Herbal Support for Speedy Recovery After Stroke, Heart Attack and Surgery


Stroke imagesAs Dr. Yan examined Cathy he noticed that, while she appeared alert, the right side of her face was completely paralyzed and she’d lost all ability to process language and express herself verbally (aphasia). Further examination revealed that Cathy’s paralysis continued down the right side of her body. Upper limb muscular force was nonexistent (grade 0), accompanied by a complete loss of tendon reflex. Lower leg muscular force was grade 3, with weak knee tendon reflex. Next, as he examined the computed tomography (CT) scan taken earlier that day, Dr. Yan immediately spotted the source of Cathy’s symptoms – a telltale lesion on her left hemisphere indicating a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), or stroke.

Conferring with Cathy’s primary physician Dr. Yan learned that this was Cathy’s first stroke, and her only prior health issue was a moderate case of poorly controlled hypertension. Her physician informed Dr. Yan that, though she was receiving excellent care at the hospital, he was concerned that Cathy’s chances for recovery were complicated by the severity of her post-stroke symptoms.

Dr. Yan agreed to take her case and immediately began treating Cathy with an advanced herbal formula that he was developing as a front-line treatment for patients recovering from stroke, heart attack and major surgery. After two months, Cathy’s facial paralysis had completely disappeared, her speech had returned to normal, and she’d regained right-limb motor function. Fully recovered, Cathy was finally able to resume her normal daily activities.

Herbal Recovery Formula

The formula Dr. Yan used to treat Cathy was developed in the wake of his success with his circulatory formula, Vital Cell. While this formula was approved for use in hospitals and clinics throughout China, Dr. Yan realized that something stronger was required for patients recovering from serious illnesses and trauma. After a heart attack or stroke patients face a long and difficult period of recovery often complicated by fatigue and weakness caused by damage to the circulatory system. To address the problem Dr. Yan specifically set out to design a specialized recovery formula that would enhance healing and speed recovery following physical injury while reconditioning the circulatory system to prevent any recurrence of the trauma.

Dr. Yan based the design of his new formula on the powerful ‘tonifying’ herb, Cordyceps. Next, he included a selection of traditional herbs referred to in China as “the three pillars of healthy aging” for their ability to support energy production, immune function and circulation. Dr. Yan then added additional herbs known to improve the quality of blood components (red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma) and enhance circulation. Finally, Dr. Yan finished off the formula with an advanced blend of herbs used to support recovery from neurological (psychogenic) conditions and restore balance to the major organ systems.

Animal Studies

Early animal studies showed that the formula promotes dilation of blood vessels to effectively improve circulation to the heart and brain. Additional tests revealed support for formation of conjunctival vessels, revealing a unique ability to maintain a healthy microcirculatory network while improving microcirculation.

Ongoing trials also revealed that the formula reduces platelet aggregation and improves blood and plasma viscosity rates. One controlled study with rabbits found that it works, in part, by inhibiting the release of thromboxane A2, an important clotting factor involved in vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation and bronchoconstriction. By inhibiting thromboxane A2 the formula may aid in reducing platelet aggregation to prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots.

Human Studies

Once the animal studies were completed the researchers moved on to the next phase, human trials. The first study involved 98 patients, consisting of 56 males and 42 females, and ranging in age from 39 to 81 years old. All subjects had previously experienced a stroke. One group of 25 patients entered treatment within one week of their first stroke. Another group of 40 patients were admitted, though their single, first stroke had occurred within the previous 12 months. Finally, the researchers enrolled six patients who had persistent symptoms lasting longer than 12 months after experiencing their first, single stroke.

In selecting the patients the researchers chose subjects presenting a range of post-stroke symptoms to aid in evaluating the formula’s efficacy for a broad spectrum of symptoms and symptom severity.

    • 10 Patients were in a state of complete paralysis (muscular force: grade 0).
    • 64 Patients were in a state of moderate paralysis (muscular force: grade 1-2).
    • 24 Patients were in a state of slight paralysis (muscular force of affected limb: grade 3).
    • 45 Patients presented with aphasia (loss or impairment of ability to produce and/or comprehend language due to brain damage).

Following admission to the study each patient was treated with two capsules of the formula, twice daily. After two months all treatment was halted and the results were evaluated according to standards issued by the Second Chinese Convention on Cerebrovascular Diseases. Using these standards the patients were evaluated with the following criteria:

    • Recovered: Symptoms have basically disappeared, and patients were capable of resuming their daily activities.
    • Markedly Improved: Marked improvement in symptoms, muscular force increased to grade 2 or better.
    • Somewhat Improved: Primary symptoms show improvement, muscular force increased to grade 1 or 2.
    • No Improvement: Symptoms show no improvement or have worsened.

In the final analysis, of 98 patients treated with the formula, 91% showed significant signs of improvement, including 52 Recovered, 20 Markedly Improved, and 18 Somewhat Improved (Table 1.).

Table 1. Of 98 patients treated with Dr. Yan’s new formula for two months, 91 percent showed significant evidence of improvement (52=Recovered, 20=Markedly improved, 18=Somewhat Improved) and 9 percent showed no signs of benefit (8=No Improvement).

Case Histories

Long-Term Stroke Complications

Charles, 62 years old, came to Dr. Yan complaining of dizziness, headaches, loss of hearing in his right ear, fullness in his chest, shortness of breath, low fever, insomnia and poor appetite. Charles explained that he’d experienced these symptoms continuously for the last five years following his hypertension-related stroke.

Even as Dr. Yan examined him Charles became extremely dizzy and couldn’t move his head. His pulse was weak and uneven, and blood pressure was 186/110. Dr. Yan began treatment by administering the formula, 1 capsule, 3 times daily. After 2 weeks the dizziness improved and blood pressure had returned to normal. Dr. Yan changed the dosage to 2 capsules, 2 times daily. After 2 months all of Charles’ symptoms had resolved and Dr. Yan transitioned him over to his circulatory support formula as a daily supplement.

Post-Stroke Complications

In 1993 Lucy, aged 74, was rushed to the emergency room after complaining of a headache and feeling dizzy just before becoming unconscious. Waking up in the emergency room her blood pressure was 180/110mm and she reported numbness in the right side of the face and weakness in her lower right leg. After admission, she was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis and stroke caused by a cerebrovascular embolism that affected her left cerebral hemisphere. After being hospitalized for a month her blood pressure dropped to 130/90mm, the numbness in her face disappeared and her right leg had regained enough strength so that she could walk again.

One year after her stroke Lucy was brought to Dr. Yan complaining that the dizziness continued to persist. A CT scan indicated that the embolism had not fully dissolved, explaining the dizziness and continuing fatigue.

Dr. Yan began treatment with an initial dose of 1 capsule of the formula twice daily. After no untoward side effects were noted, Dr. Yan increased the dosage to 2 capsules 2 times daily. By the third week of treatment her dizziness had improved, and after another month had disappeared completely and Lucy felt stronger physically. To consolidate the therapeutic effect Lucy continued to take the formula for another 2 months. After a follow up CT scan of her brain revealed that the embolism was no longer present, Dr. Yan switched Lucy to Vital Cell as a daily restorative.

Post-Surgical Complications

Sue was 76 years old when she went to see Dr. Yan. It had been five years since she’d had hip replacement surgery, but she was still experiencing pain in her right thigh at the site of the surgery, especially on rainy days and after long walks. Upon examination and x-rays Dr. Yan discovered that Sue’s hip-bone was slowly deteriorating. Additionally, circulation to her hip joint and adjacent muscles and tendons was severely impaired, robbing the tissues of nourishment and impairing healing.

Dr. Yan started treating Sue with the formula, 1 capsule taken 2 times daily to invigorate her circulation and improve healing. Two weeks later the dosage was increased to 2 capsules 2 times daily. Two months later Sue was stronger and the pain in the right thigh was gone. Follow up examination revealed that the blood supply had been restored to Sue’s hip and the bone and surrounding tissues were healed.

Recovering From Post-Surgery Complications

Following its approval for stroke and heart attack, Chinese doctors discovered many other situations where the formula can aid in speeding up both recovery and patient outcome. The formula is now commonly prescribed for patients dealing with long-term illness and chronic, non-healing conditions, especially those involving fatigue, depression, headaches, and ongoing aches and pains.

Dr. Yan’s formula has been shown very effective when used after all types of surgeries to reduce swelling and damage from the surgical procedure. The formula is usually given starting one week after surgery in cases where speedy healing would be beneficial. This often includes such common procedures as oral surgery, hip replacement, arthroscopic surgery, etc.

Sports Injuries

The formula has been shown to support and speed recovery from a variety of sports injuries. Several leading practitioners in the United States recently took part in a product evaluation program of the formula for athletes. Their reports revealed that it was most effective when used for injuries that involved swelling and pain complicated by weakness and slow recovery. The anti-inflammatory herbs in the formula were also noted for being especially useful in relieving the daily aches and pains associated with contact sports athletes – i.e., football players, rugby players, boxers and martial artists. The formula was also highly effective in relieving the soreness and fatigue suffered by endurance athletes after intense workouts or competitions.

Synergistic Effects with Related Herbal Formulas

Many physicians and health care providers have discovered that the formula can improve the effectiveness of other advanced herbal formulas by counteracting the debility and impaired circulation that complicate healing to make recovery a difficult, prolonged or uncertain prospect.


Dr. Yan’s herbal recovery formula was first approved for use in hospitals and clinics throughout China based on its demonstrated ability to recondition circulation, speed healing and support rapid recovery. Since its approval it has been shown to effectively support recovery from chronic illnesses, protracted debility and physical trauma (i.e., stroke, heart attack). The formula has also been found to support recovery from sports injuries and chronic, non-healing illnesses that involve fatigue, depression, headaches and physical pain.


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