Catuaba, of the family Erythroxylaceae, is undoubtedly the most famous of all Brazilian aphrodisiac plants, and has been appreciated by the local populations for generations. This valued herb from the Brazilian rainforest is praised by the Tupi Indians of Brazil as being an excellent nervous system fortifier and male libido enhancer.

The Tupi Indians first discovered the qualities of the plant and composed many songs praising it “. . the bark of Catuaba (functions) as a stimulant of the nervous system, above all when one deals with functional impotence of the male genital organs it is an innocent aphrodisiac, used without any ill side effects at all.”

Historical uses include its use as a male aphrodisiac and a tonic to the male organs. It is also used for male impotency. It is a strong tonic and fortifier of the nervous system, capable of giving strength to people with general fatigue. It helps eliminate restless sleep and insomnia from hypertension, and has been known to help failing memories.

Catuaba is usually consumed as a tea made from the bark of this small schrub. After drinking 3-4 cups of tea steadily over a period of time the first symptoms are usually erotic dreams, and then increased sexual desire.

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