Chickweed, latin name Stellaric media, is a small herbal plant which grows wild throughout the world. Often used in salads, the leaves and flowers of this small weed are also used by herbalists in a wide variety of treatments. Mixed with oil to make a poltice, chickweed is employed as a treatment for skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, boils, ulcers, and a variety of rashes. As an infusion to be taken internally, chickweed is used to treat blood disorders, gout, fevers, asthma, arthritis, constipation, lung disease, cancer, and aid in weight control.

Researchers give the plant credit for being a source of vitamin C and for being a tasty addition to salads. Beyond this, clinical support for the use of chickweed as a herbal remedy runs out. Chickweed is known to contain several glycosides and plant acids, but not in amounts to support the claimed effects of this plant. There are no reported toxic effects from consumption of chickweed. Further review of the literature show more interest in controlling the growth of this rapid growing weed than in supporting weak claims for its efficacy as a herbal remedy.


  1. even when plants and herbs are helpful to the public, research never, ever admit to it being so. They are interested in pharmacological drugs because that is where their money is. American doctors are so bad in this regard that they never ask even basic nutrition questions of patients. You can be a fall down alcoholic and an American doctor will never tell you to supplement with thiamin and zinc and molybdenum so you don’t develop a wet brain. You can be a senior citizen with difficulty digesting meat and eggs and they will tell you to take a Tums antacid instead of take Betaine and Taurine to support gastric acid and bile acid, both of which are deficient as people age. And chemo therapy never helps anyone; it kills them but then that is blamed on the cancer. However, chemo drugs and procedures generate a lot of revenue for hospitals. Hospitals are profit centers that rip you off any chance they get. They’ll charge you an arm and a leg for a single dose of Tylenol. & etc. …………. It is high time that people quit looking to researchers and doctors for answers on anything health related. These people are all blood sucking thieves that operate as a mafia.

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