Since 1983, researchers have warned us to avoid supplements that contain iron. This recommendation is based upon hundreds of studies showing that iron may be a primary cause of free radical induced degenerative disease. In a study in the March 29,1994 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Japanese researchers found that iron caused tubular necrosis (kidney damage), leading to a high incidence of renal adenocarcinoma (kidney cancer). This is not an isolated study, just another of the multitude of studies showing that iron is a cause of the diseases that kill us.

The FDA requires that food companies fortify many products with iron, which causes most Americans to get too much iron from their diet. A brief excerpt from a Wall Street Journal article shows just how easy it is to get too much iron in your diet, which reinforces the need to avoid iron in your supplements.

What Are Iron Filings Doing in My Bowl Of Total Cereal?

At one popular table, a boy uses a magnet to attract tiny iron particles from crushed Total cereal. “Yuck!” he says, horrified at what looks like iron filings collected at the end of his magnet. “We eat that?” The boy’s father seems equally fascinated. General Mills Inc., which makes Total, isn’t at all astonished. Yes, indeed, a spokeswoman says proudly, “Total provides~ 100% of your iron needs for a day.” It’s a food safe iron, she hastens to point out. Wall Street Journal-May 17,1994

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