Sometimes called Cavinton, Vinpocetine is derived from vincamine, which is an extract of the periwinkle plant. It has a very powerful stimulating effect on memory. Vinpocetine ups the metabolism in the brain in four ways. It pumps up the blood flow, increases the rate at which brain cells produce ATP (which is a cell molecule that creates energy), and speeds up the use of glucose and oxygen in the brain. The result is that the cells of the brain can better retain information; so the individual can remember more. Because of its stimulating effect on blood flow, venpocetine has been used to treat circulatory problems in the brain and memory problems due to low circulation.

Gedeon Richter, a Hungarian company that markets vinpocetine in Europe, has funded more than a hundred studies to show it’s effectiveness and safety. Many of these studies have shown the drug’s powerful effect on memory improvement. Vinpocetine is not toxic and is considered safe. It takes about a year of daily use to achieve maximum effect.

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