AllerPhase, Asthma Relief vs Flonase


What a delight to be able to write you about my discovery of AllerPhase!

I’ve been using 3 different inhalers up to four times a day for several years to control my asthma. I’ve also used Flonase on a daily basis for over 15 years. On several occasions I’ve ended up in the emergency room because I couldn’t breathe, and I’ve suffered numerous sinus infections and lost a lot of productive living time.

Recently I started to make healthier choices and was able to reduce my use of the inhalers, but I still used Flonase every day and made sure to have my inhaler bag with me at all times.

In December I decided to stop using Flonase, but immediately started to have symptoms again. I found I could get a reasonable amount of relief with alternative medicine products, but I had to use several of them and the cost was making it difficult for me to continue.

A few days after going off Flonase, I traveled to another state and stayed with a friend who had cats and mold in her house. I had a strong asthma attack while there and thought I was going to end up in the emergency room again. I was disappointed that I still needed my inhalers to control it. I was quite ill when I got home, and even taking all my natural products, I only got partially better.

Then I was lucky enough to find Amanda at Pharmaca Pharmacy. She had just started using AllerPhase and thought I would be a good candidate to try the product. The AllerPhase I ordered arrived 4 days before I had to travel again. I began to feel better right away. I was anxious to see if it really worked, so I chose not to use any other products during the four days before traveling. My symptoms cleared up completely!

Then, on the trip I put myself in the worst of the worst situations to see if the AllerPhase would still work (taking my inhalers, for backup, as always). On the plane, staying in the same cat/moldy house I’d stayed in the month before, drinking alcohol, eating dairy products, almonds, etc., I was astounded … my health held up! I didn’t have to use my inhalers at all!!!

Before AllerPhase, I would have gone into a major asthma attack if I had done all these things, and if I had not had backup inhalers, I would have been in the emergency room. For the first time, I came back home from a trip with no symptoms at all, and continued to improve. What a joy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I am telling everyone I know about this product. I look forward to being symptom free forever.

Rose Scherschel, San Francisco

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