GingiPhase Really Worked For Me…


GingiPhase really worked for me. I had pockets from 3-6 mm all over, and last September the dental hygienist told me I would need some rather unpleasant procedures to deal with this issue if it didn’t get better (I’m already getting cleanings every four months instead of the typical six). I got three bottles of GingiPhase as soon as it was announced and took it according to the directions. I hadn’t even used it all by my next visit to the dentist in January 2011. This time, all my pockets had completely cleared up and if it stays that way on my next visit to the hygienist I can revert to the typical six month cleaning schedule. Nothing else I have done comes close to those results – and I use an expensive electric toothbrush, floss, and use a WaterPik. Thanks for great product that really works as advertised!

Steve Justus
Westminster, CO

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