Pleased With Improvements In Gum And Tooth Health


I have had laser surgery to help with loose teeth, including one near a back molar that has shifted on an angle. There was some bone loss and receding of my gums with a slight amount of bleeding. When taking GingiPhase, on a scale of 10, the tooth looseness improved from a 5 to a 1, so I am very pleased with that.

Also, in just 5 weeks, on the same scale, my gums improved, with redness dropping from 4 to 1, swelling going down from 3 to 1 and even bleeding gums from 5 to zero!

The health of my teeth and gums is very important to me, so this type of result has convinced me to continue using GingiPhase to see if I will also get jawbone re-growth, which the tightening of my loose teeth indicates may be happening.

Gary Goodman
Source One Nutritional
Center for Energetic Science and Nutrition
Philadelphia, PA

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