AllerPhase For Cats And Dogs?


I would like to know if AllerPhase can be given to a cat and if so, what would be the dosage? I noticed it is supposed to be good for eczema, and my poor old cat breaks out all the time. All remedies have failed to help him except an adult immune booster from Nutricology. I was hoping that a little AllerPhase added in would provide complete relief. It’s no use asking the vet about your product because he is only familiar with drugs like antibiotics.

Mary Morrissey


  1. Dear Mary,

    Yes, you may give AllerPhase to your cat and expect good results. I give it to my 60-pound dog at one capsule twice daily for her seasonal allergies that cause quite a bit of scratching for her.

    For your cat you can open a capsule and give him 1/2 capsule of the powder mixed in his cat food twice per day. The results should show up over time and a 30 capsule bottle would last you a month this way. See if that is long enough to notice a change.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Director of Product Development

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