AllerPhase Spreads From Arizona To Florida


July 20, 2009

Well, Tango did it again! I was already sold on Herbal Boost and Vital Cell, but now have found yet another product that is nothing short of a miracle for me. This has been the worst season I have ever lived through. I live in Arizona and for the last six months I’ve suffered from, watery eyes, stuffed nasal passages, etc, with no relief in sight. Trying to sleep was impossible because the minute I laid down I couldn’t breathe. I had to sleep in my recliner most nights to get some relief.

I tried many natural products until finally I read about AllerPhase. Needless to say, I ordered two bottles that day one for myself and another for my sister who was also suffering across the country in Florida.

The day I received my AllerPhase I took one capsule to get some assistance only one capsule cleared me up very quickly!

I now take AllerPhase only when needed and it has been almost three days since I needed any. With other supplements, relief was so minor that I had to take them three to four times a day. I now carry some AllerPhase in my purse just in case. Thank you for AllerPhase!

Very Truly Yours,

Ruth Henderson

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