AllerPhase For Cedar Allergies


I have finished one bottle of AllerPhase, and experienced a good response with the bronchial phlegm, sinus drainage and nasal congestion that I’ve suffered with for most of the winter.

Recently, exposure to Cedar sawdust from a bench saw has increased my bronchial congestion and so I am ordering another bottle.

I also want to give AllerPhase to my 21-year-old grandson who has suffered from asthma attacks since childhood. He now suffers from severe allergenic nasal irritation in the Spring. Should I recommend that he take more than one capsule per day?

Mr. W. Teel Carrington


  1. Dear Mr. Teel,

    As you’ve discovered, your bronchial irritation from the Cedar sawdust should clear up with the new bottle. You may wish to keep one on hand — it keeps very well (up to two years) when stored unopened in a cool dry place.

    Your son should take two capsules, twice per day until his asthma symptoms come under control. He can then reduce the dose to one-to-two capsules per day to see if this is enough to keep the symptoms under control. At times when he knows he may experience an asthma attack he can increase his dose up to two capsules, three times per day.

    He may also consider our new product, Vital Cell, which helps improve immune system function. When taken over a 3-6 month period it should help his resistance to asthma considerably.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    Director of Product Development

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