AllerPhase Helps Boxer With Asthma


At one time or another in my life, there have always been circumstances preventing me from reaching my full potential in physical activities such as roller-skating, gymnastics, swimming, etc. I was born with asthma and developed allergies, which are very present during certain months of year, greatly inhibiting my ability to perform in sports.

When I was 15 years old, I joined a karate academy and fully realized how much asthma and allergies were chains around my neck, preventing me from living a fully active life. During those 3 years I pushed through the weakness I felt, but I never reached my full potential due to being physically handicapped because of excess reproduction of mucous and limitation of oxygen to my lungs and therefore to my muscles.

A couple months after my 18th birthday, I decided to train and fight in the Northern California Golden Gloves, the most popular and well-known amateur boxing tournament in the United States. If I was to spend all this time training and, hopefully, win the Golden Gloves, I would need to get my asthma and allergies under control.

I have tried numerous methods during the last 18 years of my life and certain remedies have worked better than others, but never have worked so well as to completely alleviate all my asthma and allergy symptoms. When I was introduced to AllerPhase, I was skeptical because so many methods before had been ineffective. After a few days, my nose and throat were clear of mucous, I had maximum lung capacity, and my overall stamina was drastically improved. I felt as if I had never been afflicted with allergies or asthma.

After six weeks of intense training, which included sparring, running, intense up-hill sprints, push-ups, sit-ups, bag work, jump rope, shadow boxing, and a variety of other physically demanding activities essential to a successful boxer, I arrived at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium ready to fight on the night of March 31st.

I fought two nights out of the total four to win the title as the 2005 female champion in the 132 lbs weight division. The girls I fought were more muscular, had more experience, and were very aggressive, but my stamina due to my success with AllerPhase pulled me through and I did not give up. I won and am now currently training for other fights coming up soon.

Without AllerPhase, I know for a fact my endurance and stamina would not be what they are today and I could not make the cut as a boxer. Oxygen is essential to life and even if one isn’t a boxer or any other type of athlete, AllerPhase will do wonders in increasing oxygen flow to your muscles due to increased breathing capacity. If AllerPhase was a crucial part in my success as a boxer, imagine the wonders it can do for others.

Lizzie Cole

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