AllerPhase, Migraines And “Brain Fog”


On the first or second day after I began taking AllerPhase, I felt the dread signs of a migraine headache coming on — only it never came. That was a first! In the past, once a headache began, there was no avoiding it and suffering from three or four days and nights of intense misery. I haven’t had a headache at all in the past two months since starting on AllerPhase (they usually come at least once a month).

Also, within a few days of taking AllerPhase my eustachian tubes and inner ears cleared. They had been stuffed up for months, sometimes interfering with my hearing, and have been a chronic complaint off and on for many years. Sleepiness and brain fog have also dramatically improved, as did “allergic acne” on my face (my face is now completely clear).

I have struggled with these symptoms for many years, and have tried many, many products and treatments with only partial success. I can’t believe how much better I feel so quickly in so many ways.

AllerPhase is a wonderful product.

Thank you!
Miranda Heathers, San Francisco

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