Clinical Report From Ward Dean, MD


Regarding my experiences with AllerPhase:

The first two patients I tried it on had severe allergies — one with allergic rhinitis, and the other with chronic, low grade asthma, misdiagnosed by a number of other physicians as “bronchitis,” treated unsuccessfully by a plethora of antibiotics.

The girl with allergic rhinitis was blown away by the effectiveness of AllerPhase. She became symptom-free immediately. The patient I diagnosed with asthma also responded rapidly — her chronic, low grade, unproductive cough ceased immediately.

Most significantly, was that both of these patients did not require additional treatment, beyond their first bottle. Most allergy medications merely relieve the symptoms, to a greater or lesser degree — sometimes with other, unwanted side effects. However, with AllerPhase, I not only observed rapid relief of symptoms, but long-lasting relief as well. It appeared that something was going on with these patients’ immune systems as a result of AllerPhase. I interpreted this to be an “immune-normalizing” effect.

I then tried it on several patients who not only suffered from allergies, but also had severe, disabling autoimmune diseases — Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE).

Both of these patients also noted complete elimination of their allergic symptoms. However, even more encouraging, was the reduction of their other disease-related symptoms as well. Both of these patients were on a number of other nutrients, specific for their conditions, so it is not possible to attribute their dramatic turnaround entirely to AllerPhase. However, I believe that AllerPhase was a major contributing factor to their continuing clinical improvement.

Amazingly, none of the above patients have so far required a refill of their AllerPhase, in nearly six months since initiating their therapy.

Ward Dean, MD
Pensacola, FL

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