AllerPhase Reduces Inflammation, Pain Of Mosquito Bites


I must also thank you again for Allerphase in the fight against the dreaded Mosquito bites. I sporadically took AllerPhase a few days before I went away and then forgot to take it most days in the first week. But when the first bites appeared (three in a row) in the second week, I did all my usual stuff (which still usually means days of unbearable itching), but this time I also took Allerphase and, guess what? Well you don’t have to, I suppose — NO SWELLING/ITCHINESS/PAIN!

I had the same result with five more bites. My sister also got two very nasty bites, one of which was going septic, so she took AllerPhase for two days and they went right down! SUCCESS!

Please do pass my thanks onto the people who discovered this. And can you mention this effect on your website, or in your newsletter?

And is there any way that you can sell your stuff on Amazon UK?? It would sure go down a storm over here!

Joan Fletcher
Liverpool, UK

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