AllerPhase Relieves Dust Allergies In London, UK


I was hoping you could post the following review for your customers please. I live in London, UK, so had to find an alternative supplier, however your website was enormously helpful to me when searching for an alternative allergy remedy.

I have been suffering from a chronic Dust Allergy (coughing, sneezing, skin irritation, breathing issues, insomnia) for the past year and taking three antihistamines per day on the advice of my GP. Having completed 1 course of 30 AllerPhase tablets (2 per day), without the antihistamines, my symptoms have completely disappeared. I will continue taking 1 AllerPhase tablet per day for two more weeks and will then test if any symptoms resurface without it. I also suffer from hay fever each summer but the symptoms have not developed at all.

Yours faithfully,


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