AllerPhase Relieves Severe Itching Caused By Allergies


Long ago, back in Dec. 2005, I was introduced to Dr. Mitch Fleisher for severe itching caused by allergies. This itching caused me much embarrassment, as it was located everywhere, including some places I consider to be unmentionable. My skin was irritated to the point of redness and chafing. I applied many, many different lotions etc., but nothing worked. Dr. Fleshier said that most likely the allergies were being caused by food or the environment.

Dr. Fleisher recommended that I try AllerPhase. At this point I was willing to try anything. Within a couple days of taking AllerPhase, I noticed the itching had somewhat subsided. By the next week, the itching was totally gone! I have taken AllerPhase now for a couple of years, and I would not leave home without it. AllerPhase is truly a remarkable supplement. Thank you.

Rose Simons

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