AllerPhase “Unplugs” Nose After 2 Months of Misery


Last spring I began having problems with my nose. For about two months I could not breathe out of one side, it was completely plugged. I tried everything I could get, and still could not breathe. On top of that, my nose was dripping constantly, and I had to keep a tissue stuffed in it all the time, it was terrible! I found out about AllerPhase and ordered some, and within two hours of taking it, my nose cleared, it was like a miracle! For first time in two months I could breathe!

I had been suffering for two months for nothing and wasted so much money on other stuff that didn’t work. I thought I was permanently plugged. Now I just take AllerPhase whenever I feel like I’m going to start plugging again.

See, we live in an older trailer, and it might be something in the materials they used to build it, I don’t really know what causes the congestion. It’s also very windy here. I just know that AllerPhase is the only thing that worked.

Now in spite of the price, I don’t want to be without AllerPhase in my medicine chest. I just hope people can get it. But like I said, I’ve tried so many things and most don’t work. AllerPhase was really a miracle for me. I had no idea how well AllerPhase was going to work, but it did.

Mrs. Edwards

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