OsteoPhase And Calcium Supplements For Strong Bone


I am thinking about going on OsteoPhase as the result of a bone density test and being put on Boniva. I took the once-a-month version of Boniva once and had such bad muscle and bone pain that I will never take another!

I read a report on your web site describing how you don’t need all that calcium, but you say that you recommend calcium plus several other supplements. How much calcium per day? They say that most of the calcium you take goes to soft tissue and not to the bone and that 125 mgs do the trick along with the OsteoPhase. Do you find that to be true?

I know a natural doctor and a doctor with Mayo Clinic who both admit that all the biophosphonates (Boniva, Fosomax, etc.) build brittle bone which will break – just like brittle bone.

What kind of bone does OsteoPhase build? How long has OsteoPhase been on the market and does it have a track record of use by people and their results say, after a year?

I am going to have a hard enough time getting my doctor to see the merits of OsteoPhase when he is so gung-ho on the biophosphonates. I need to know for my own well-being too!



  1. Dear G.W.,

    Just to review, skeletal bones are in a constant state of remodeling. Specialized cells called osteoclasts break down old bone, leaving behind pitted areas. Other specialized cells called osteoblasts, then fill in the pitted areas with new bone that includes calcium as a component. When the breakdown of old bone is faster than the rebuilding of new bone, you are on a progression to osteoporosis – porous, weak bones. In other words, the osteoblast bone-building function cannot keep up with the osteoclast bone absorption process.

    Bisphosphonates try to resolve this problem by killing off the function of the osteoclasts, halting the destruction of old bone. Osteoblasts continue to build new bone, but the rate of addition of new bone formation is not enhanced by the drugs. In other words, when the bisphosphonates work you are really getting an increase in old bone tissue that would otherwise be replaced witn new strong bone during healthy remodeling. Hence you have more old, brittle bone.

    While it appears to be a rare occurrence, or perhaps under-reported, there has been an increase in unexpected severe fracture of the body of the femur in patients taking bisphosphonates. This is likely an extreme manifestation of the accumulation of brittle bone tissue. Remember, this brittle buildup is occurring in the entire skeletal structure and not just in the hip and lower spine, where fracture risk from osteoporosis is of great concern.

    The ingredients in OsteoPhase appear to enhance osteoblast function so that you build new, healthy bone structure at a faster rate than the destruction of old bone by osteoclasts. We think that this improvement in bone metabolism is just one of the many functions of OsteoPhase that helps build bone. The formula also supports restoration of basic calcium regulation for the entire body. OsteoPhase also includes herbs that support circulation to bone tissue to enhance delivery of nutritients and removal of waste products from bone tissues. We try to explain this as thoroughly as possible and in as much detail as possible on our website.

    We have been selling OsteoPhase for over four years now. Before we introduced OsteoPhase we conducted an extensive, multi-participant evaluation program that included before and after DEXA scans that showed improvements in bone density in 3 and 6 month time frames. We also receive reports of improvements in bone density from our customers, although these are usually after one-year, a more typical time frame for retesting. Our sales grow from month to month and year to year since many customers elect to continue with the formla based on their test results.

    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    VP of Product Development

  2. I was diagnosed almost three years ago as having crossed from osteopenia to osteoporosis. My endocrinologist couldn’t find a cause after extensive testing. Since that time I’ve been taking two OsteoPhase capsules twice daily. However, a recent DEXA scan showed no improvement in my bone density. I’m considering stopping my OsteoPhase regimen, but wanted to ask your advice first. While taking OsteoPhase I haven’t taken calcium supplements, except what it is in a typical daily multiple vitamin. I maintain a healthy diet and am active in my mid 40’s. Would taking a calcium supplement enhance the effect of OsteoPhase? If so, what amount would you recommend?

  3. Dear Rob,
    To have osteoporosis at such a young age is certainly reason to try to find a cause. Also, to undertake and continue a natural program if at all possible.
    If taking OsteoPhase has halted loss of bone density in the face of significant prior loss at your age, then that would be considered very beneficial. However, it is difficult for me to determine your actual status without seeing copies of your DEXA bone scan reports and knowing the date at which you first started taking OsteoPhase. If you can fax that information to the Tango Nutrition office at 415-282-7311 that would be very helpful. You can also email me at jsteinke@mac.com or call toll-free 1-866-778-2646 ext 6 to review your scan results. More important than calcium, which you should limit to under 600 mg. per day is to be sure you get at least 1000 I.U. per day of Vitamin D3.
    With regards,
    John Steinke, L.Ac.
    VP of Product Development
    Tango Advanced Nutrition

  4. I’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia around 3 yrs ago, have been taking Fosamax for little over a year. After listening to the news last night on the scare of taking this drug or others in that family, there have been noted femur breaks. I already have one leg amputated above the knee 26 yrs ago from having chondroscarcoma (bone cancer), had chemotherapy for 6 mos after that. So now I’m worried, I need to know if I should stop this Fosamax altogether and go with OsteoPhase which I just found from surfing for treatments of osteopenia. I’m due for a Dexascan in a few weeks, so don’t know what my score is at this time. I’m 63, surgically menopause 16 yrs ago. Took estrogen, than stopped it for a few years with the scare that had, and currently back on it, because of vaginal wall thinning. Please advise me on what I could do? In the meantime, I’ll try to find where I can purchase this Osteophase. Oh by the way, my recent blood draw came back with low vitamin D (21?) living in Michigan it doesn’t surprise me. Thank you, Elsa

  5. You can find OsteoPhase online at http://www.tangonutrition.com. Vitamin D is very important for bones and every tissue of the body – at least 1000 I.U. per day. A very cost effective supplement version is Carlson D3 – drops, which are 1000 I.U. per drop. They also help balance – preventing falls by keeping your balance and leg strength reduces your risk for fracture with osteoporosis by 80%. So, walk up and down hills in the sunshine with some skin exposed as the weather warms up for you. Also, two things about fosamax or bisphosphonates, they are of little value when you have osteopenia – see article this link:
    Also, after 3 years on bisphosphonates, it appears there is no further building of denser bone. Finally, unless you have progressed from ostopenia to osteoporosis, you would only need to take 2 capsules of OsteoPhase per day.

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